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What GMB Is why its important, and how to optimize to maximize lead flow.

Using Google My Business for your home service company is a smart move. It's like telling everyone you're open and ready to help. When people search for things like yours, they can find your business on Google. This is awesome because it helps more people know about you. You can show your address, phone number, and even pictures of your work. It's like putting up a big sign that says, "Come check us out!" This helps you get noticed by more people and might even get you more customers. So, using Google My Business is like saying, "Hey, we're here to make your homes better!"

Why Websites That Work on Phones Are Super Important for Being Found Online

Hey there! Have you ever used a phone to look up stuff on the internet? Lots of people do! Phones are like tiny computers we can carry around. But guess what? Some websites don’t work well on phones. That’s not cool!

Let’s say you want to find a cool ice cream shop nearby.

You use your phone to search, and you find a website for one. But oh no! The website looks weird on your phone. The words are tiny, and you have to pinch and zoom to read anything. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle just to see what ice cream they have.

This is where being “mobile-friendly” comes in.

A mobile-friendly website is like magic. It changes to fit your phone’s screen. The words are big, pictures look good, and it’s easy to click buttons. This makes it fun to use and helps you find what you want without any headaches.

Now, here’s a cool secret:

Search engines, which are like website finders, really like mobile-friendly sites. They want to show you websites that work well and are easy to use. If a website isn’t friendly to phones, search engines don’t like it much. This means that website might not show up when you look for something.

But wait, there’s good news!

Google, a big search engine, made a tool to check if your website is friendly to phones. You can try it by clicking this link. If your website passes the test, it means it’s easy for everyone to use, no matter if they’re on a phone or computer.

In a nutshell, having a website

that’s friends with phones is super important. It helps people find stuff on the internet easily, and it makes search engines happy. So, if you want your website to be popular and easy to find, just remember to be nice to phones! 📱🌟

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